Why should I use an air pillow during the winter?

The first reason to install a winter cover air pillow is to protect your pool from expanding ice. When you don’t use an air pillow, the cover sits right on top of the water and the ice will want to expand outwards. That’s not good because that’s going to affect your pool liner.Your pool will respond like a soda can in the freezer; the walls begin to bulge. With the air pillow in place, the water will freeze but exert it’s pressure inwardly onto the winter cover air pillow.The second reason is a water weight distribution. The air pillow prevents water from pooling in the center of the cover. Instead, the weight of the water is evenly distributed around air pillow.This weight distribution can prevent the cover from sinking or tearing. It also makes it easier to pump out sitting water.NOTE: When blowing up your air pillow, do not fill it to full capacity. If ice were to form on your pool, it will burst the pillow when it starts to apply inward pressure. 

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