What Do I Use For The Bottom of My Inground Pool?

The purpose of the swimming pool base is to provide a smooth surface for the swimming pool liner. A smooth surface is less abrasive on the pool liner and makes it easier to keep the swimming pool clean. There are four choices to use for the pool base.
1. Sand is the most economical and works well in flat bottom swimming pools, or those that do not have a steep slope. The amount needed will vary by pool size. The sand should be mason's quality and spread about 1"- 2" thick. However it does not provide a pool floor without foot prints and impressions.
2. The most common used swimming pool base throughout the years has been a mixture of sand and portland cement. Portland cement is available from your local hardware store and can be mixed with sand to form a hard floor.
3.Vermiculite can be purchased in 4 cubic foot (average weight 20lbs - 30lbs) that must be mixed with Portland cement or in 42lb bags that is already mixed with Portland cement. The pre-mix is also known as pool-crete. The Vermiculite & Portland is mixed with water using a paddle mixer or cement mixer.
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