What Type of Sand Do I Use For My Sand Filter?

The most important component to your sand filter is the sand itself. The sand captures the particles, and impurities- leaving you with clear water in your swimming pool. There are alternative medias to use with your sand filter, such as glass and filter balls. We recommend using the the tried and true media, #20 Silica sand. We offer this at the link provided http://www.royalswimmingpools.com/50-lb-Filter-Sand-or-equivalent-media.htmlIt may also be purchased at a local box store, or home improvement store. It will either be listed as pool filter sand, or #20 silica sand. It is not recommended to use play sand, or masonry sand.
For more information about how to change your filter sand, please visit our blog http://www.royalswimmingpools.com/blog/changing-filter-media/

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