What Type of Salt Should I Use With a Salt System

It is imperative that you use only sodium chloride (NaCL) that is 99.9% pure. Especially for the first, or large doses.This is commonly available at most pool stores or hardware store. Do not use rock salt, salt with more than 1% yellow prussiate of soda, salt with more than 1% anti-caking additives. DO NOT USE IODIZED SALT. 

To add salt turn the swimming pool filter on and add salt directly into the pool. Use a brush to dissolve and disperse salt throughout swimming pool. A pool vacuum will serve the same purposes. Run the pump for at least 24 hours using the main drain for suction. If you don’t have a main drain, use the pool vacuum. Do not add salt through your skimmer; add directly into the swimming pool and brush to dissolve. 

The only way to remove salt is to drain water out of the pool and fill with fresh water.

Pool salt is sold at most local pool companies, hardware stores, and even some large retailers like Walmart.

You can find more information, and purchase salt here...Salt

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