Water Testing Standards and Recommendations

Chlorine - 1.0 -3.0 PPM

pH - 7.2-7.8

Total Alkalinity 80-120 PPM for plaster 125-150 PPM for Vinyl/Fiberglass pools

Calcium Hardness 175-225 PPM for vinyl/fiberglass and 200-275 PPM for Plaster Pools

Stabilizer 60-80 PPM

 It is very important to test your water regularly for two (2) key factors: pH and Sanitizers. By testing your water at least three times per week you will begin to understand how bather load, weather (rain and sun) and chemical application affect your pool's water. By regularly testing pH and sanitizer levels, you will ensure crystal clear water all season long. Once you have a good understanding the pool owner may only need to test once a week.

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