What Makes an Above Ground Pool Salt Compatible?

          A growing trend is the use of salt systems for to produce the chlorine that sanitizes your pool's water. In the past, it was common to retrofit regular above ground pools with salt systems, and in many cases this lead to premature failure. As the use has increased and pool manufacturers have researched to find solutions to offer pools that will be better suited for use with salt systems. Using resin components which cannot rust for the pool's frame is the first step in making an above ground pool salt compatible. Higher end above ground pool models also include hardware that is less likely to rust, and even stainless steel service panels to prevent rust around the skimmer, and return ports. It is important to check your skimmer and return on occasion for a snug fit to prevent leaking. It is always recommended to have the pool bonded and grounded, this further protects the pool from rusting due to the salt water. The latest innovation is the use of sacrificial anodes, this simple to use accessory will assist in protecting the metal components of your pool. By selecting a pool that is designed for use with a salt system, and following these easy tips you can enjoy a salt water pool, without worry, for a long, long time.

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