What is Included with In Ground Pool Kits?

Updated 2 months ago ​by Zach

Pool kit prices include: walk-out steps, handrail, pool panels, braces, bolts and hardware, re-bar stakes (when applicable), aluminum coping, swimming pool liner, 1 or 2 skimmers, 2-main drains, 3 pool returns, 1.5 hp pump, 24" filter, deep end ladder, and safety rope kit. 

The basic swimming pool kit includes everything you need for a fully functioning swimming pool except sand, concrete, PVC piping, an electrician, electrical materials, and water. 

Step Handrail

Walk-out Step

4 Decorative Escutcheons


Deck Anchors to make Ladder & Handrail removable

Vinyl Liner & Rope Kit

1.5 HP Pump

24" Filter

Aluminum Coping



3 Pool Returns

2 Main Drains

Wall Panels & Bolts

A-frame Braces

Rebar Stakes

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